Week 11: Plate Wall

Our kitchen has an angled wall. It is open at the bottom with railings that look down to our family room playroom. It has been blank since we moved in. A while back I saw a plate wall on The Nester and thought I could do that. So I first collected all white serving plates that I had and then kept a look out for a few months at second hand stores. I was looking for plates or serving dishes in different shapes and with various detail on them.

I hung the plates at Christmas, before I decided to document the changes to our house. I had a few fall because of the way I choose to hang them. We lost two : ( So this is the before picture from the other day.

Here it is today. Not bad. I still want another circular dish to go in the top right where the little square dish is and then I will move out the square dish so it is mirrored on both sides. But I figure the wall is big so this will be an ongoing collection and will change many times as I find more. But for now, I am calling it complete!

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