Week 10: Dining Light Fixture

When we bought our house the previous owners had down a bit of "fixing up" including installing this light fixture and two others in the set, a three light fixture (installed in the kitchen eating area), and a single light (at the entry way). There was nothing wrong with these fixtures they just didn't go with our style at all. So I listed them on craigslist to be sold as a set or individually, I didn't really care. Well I nice lady from the next town over came one day during nap time and bought all three. It was enough for us to get a new light fixture for the dining room and a spot light for the kitchen area, thanks to the use of Lowe's coupons from the post office. (We are still debating on the entry light.)

So here is the previous light. Like I said... nothing wrong with it, just not our style.

And here is the new light!

We had seen the light a few months before at Lowe's and new we wanted it (it goes so well with the hutch)but decided to try and sell our current lights first. When we went to Lowe's to get the light and it was marked down $10 plus we had a 10% off coupon. Can't beat that!

Here is the dining room with the table cloth and February's hutch with the new light. We also got those black place mats at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for $1.00/ea on clearance. We love it... now to keep the clutter off the table!


Tracy said...

Is that a black and white fixture? Black is my favorite color in case you weren't aware!

Did you send Bob the link to the blog? Please do so.

You two are doing a great job!

Joy said...

That IS a black and white fixture. We got it at Lowes. You should check at home to see if that have it and if not we can get it when Mom and Dad come. There is nothing wrong with a stock pile of light fixtures!