Week 8: Coupon Organization

This weeks project was a bit of spontaneous challenge. I was cleaning out all of my expired coupons and ended up with them all spread out over the table. See the chaos below!

After the coupons were spread all over I decided that I need a new way and system to organize and store my coupons. And my favorite way to search for new ideas... blogs. I really liked Penny Pinchin' Mom for ideas to organize and ways to maximize my saving power.

I had this box sitting around, which was originally supposed to be to organize my receipts for the year, so this box was empty. And I thought that it would work for my receipts. (After I got all my coupons organized and realized that I would want to bring the big box to the grocery store I added a grosgrain ribbon with velcro to keep the box closed.)
I used legal sized envelopes, cardstock, and staples to list what was in each envelope. I decided to go with very specific titles so that it was easier and faster for me to find tomato sauce in a tomato sauce category instead of canned foods. You can get an idea of the categories in the photo below.
I also had this coupon book that I bought for a dollar or so. So my new system is to decide what I am buying and which coupons I will use and at which store. I pull the coupons and put in them in the Walgreens sleeve on the right side. When I get the item in my cart then they go in the left side. I also still bring the big box just in case I see a "good deal" at the store.
And that is how I organize my coupons now! It has been a few weeks until I posted this and my system is still working great. Here are a few other coupon blogs I like to check out... they do all the hard work for you and have tons of great tips for saving money for your family!!!
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