Week 9: Table Cloth

Andy and I first saw this fabric in the Special Order section at Joann's. It was $19.99/yd and at the time we weren't quite sure where it would fit in our house. So we returned the sample piece to Joann's for the time being and kept it in the back of our heads. Then one day I was at Denver Fabrics (awesome!) and saw the same fabric and it was... wait for it.... $9.99/yd and in stock so I snatched it up.

We had previously decided it would be the fabric for our table cloth. With black chairs and the hutch behind the table this fabric helped pull the room together. Even though I didn't need to cut the cloth I still needed to finished the edges. Generally, I would instantly go to the sewing machine but I decided against it for the table cloth. I was worried that on this large of fabric I wouldn't be able to keep a straight line.

Instead, I decided to use iron-on bonding to attach 1 1/2" black binding. It took a little bit of time but was extremely easy to do. After I had the binding attached I did go over with my machine and black thread just to make sure that it was secure.

Ready for her close up!!!
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