Week 21: Front Entry Light

That's right folks after many months of looking, 5-6 months I think. We have a new front entry light!!!

Isn't she beautiful? And what made her 'can't pass it up' worthy was the price tag... only $30.00!!! 
As you may remember we sold all three of our matching light fixture (that were with the house when we bought it) to a nice lady on craigslist back in January. We have successfully replaced the dining room light and the kitchen light and were looking and looking and looking for a new entry light. We had brainstormed various options... pendant lighting, chandelier, flush mount, semi-flush mount, anything and everything. Price was a big factor and the size. Lots of the lights we found were just a smidge too big for the doors or hung a bit to low for forehead safety. Then one day we took a car ride to Buds Warehouse. We walked in and right there on the counter were two identical light fixtures. I knew we needed one. I quickly asked about the price and was relieved, shocked, and exited that it was only $30! I picked it up like a hot cake and Andy hung it up the next morning. I love it!!! And what do you think? Do you love it too?

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