Home Sweet Chicago

We were back home in Chicago last week for some R&R! We went boating, fishing, visiting friends and family, swimming, and even ran a 5K which was neither resting or relaxing! While I was there I was left alone in the house. Ut-Oh. I decided to take this lamp which was fine and give it a spin much like this lamp from Lemon Tree Creations.

I sprayed in bright red over the raffia let it dry. I was already thinking it was a bit too red and when my sister came home she agreed. (It was for her bedroom which has dark gray walls and a cream and red duvet.) So I took off all the raffia and sprayed the whole thing red hoping to switch the stripes and main color. Stripes red and the body Rustoleums Heirloom White. Well, we never made it back to the store to get the Heirloom White so this is how the lamp looks right now in the garage.

Now the tutorial on how to do this lamp is right here. So it would be pretty easy for my sister to finish this lamp right? I wonder if she will do it? I think she should. I know you are reading this STOP reading and go finish it. Please take a picture too so I can put it up on this here blog! Thanks much!

In other projects, I did manage to start and finish recovering this glider for my mom. She had bought fabric when she in was Denver on New Years Day, at a huge sale where I bought quite a few good yards myself! When I saw it folded nicely, untouched I decided to 1. find the sewing machine 2. use it! 3. recover the glider for my dear, sweet mommy!

I did this glider exactly how I did the glider in our nursery... like pillow cases. The bottom/back of each cushion is not closed. I made a finished edge for each but didn't worry about velcro, buttons, or snaps. With each cushion pushed back you can't tell and it made recovering the glider a breeze easy, sleazy!

So we aren't even unpacked yet which is a good thing and on purpose because we leave for Washington DC and NYC on Saturday! I have been reading Fodor's NYC with kids and I am pretty nervous about "gypsy" cabs! Look for the medallion, look for the medallion, don't get into a cab with out the medallion.
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Tracy said...

You're right. It's still sitting in the garage. I'll go to HD today and get the stuff for the lamp AND the chest...that we ran out of time to do. I'll even take pictures!