June Hutch

I am on a roll with the hutch this month! It is done and I think it looks great. Now I can enjoy it for the rest of the month and focus on finishing this months projects and posting them all! Can you guess what color this month was?

Yup you are right... YELLOW!

I saw somewhere in blogland (sorry I don't remember who to give credit to, I made these in March) how to make yarn balls. I dig the look so I made three to go on my two tiered stand for the month. They are super simple to make.

Quick Tutorial: Get some balloons, mine were 7in, and blow them up. Make a water and glue mixture (same consistency as soup). Unroll A LOT of yarn (one per balloon) and soak in the glue/water mixture. Find one end of yarn and wrap around the balloon. Wrap it all over, however you want. Let it dry over night and it worked better when I had it sitting on a plastic cup so that the extra glue could drip down. When it is dry take a needle and pop the balloon. Beautiful! **I have to admit that on two of the balls the side kinda collapsed I am wonder if using a fabric glue would work better than Elmer's glue.**

The tree branch Max found for me outside and I pulled a few flowers off the Dollar Tree "arrangement" and hot glued them to the branch. I used hanging wiring (that is what I had on hand) to hold it on an angle on the tier stand.

These beauties I got at a garage sale and sprayed them yellow. Looking good, looking real good! And that is the hutch for June.

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Tracy said...

Are those the candle holders you got on our outing? They look good!