Week 17: Kitchen Chairs

I found some extremely retro 70s chairs at Goodwill (for $4.99 each) a while back when Andy had just finished making the new kitchen table. Now I have to admit that the chairs were pretty 'cool' in there own right but they just didn't go with our house. Bummer. I had been looking for oilcloth for the chairs for a long time, in the stores and online. Nothing really screamed out at me. So in a last ditch effort, because I wanted to use the chairs, I bought some white picnic table fabric from Hobby Lobby. I think a yard was under $4.00 and I thought 'whatever it works for now especially for the price.' I only bought a yard and didn't cover both chairs so I headed back to Hobby Lobby to buy an additional 1/2 yard of the white fabric to finish the chairs and found this black and white damask outdoor fabric. The tag said it was soap and water washable so I decided to give it a try instead of the white fabric that I didn't even care about.
And I gotta tell you am diggin' the last minute change!

The chair with the booster seat on it still has the white table cloth fabric because I thought it would work out a bit better and clean easier for me with the really messy, I throw food on the floor and wipe food every where including these nicely recovered chairs because I don't know the difference between your hard work to recover these chairs and the cool original retro look. When we are done with booster chairs I will finish that chair with the matching fabric.
I spray painted the legs black and first used Zinsser spray primer. It seems to be sticking I am guessing that I will eventually have to do some touch up but to me that is not a big deal. I took off the seat and just used a staple gun to attach the fabric. And for the seat back I sewed the fabric to essentially make a pillow case. It is not permanently attached so I can take it off when we are doing something extremely messy like eating spaghetti or finger painting. I do have to go back and check to see if the fabric is machine washable too or just soapy water washable.

Here are the chairs pushed in with the gray table which are a perfect height for each other and push in so close to the table it doesn't mess up the walkway we were aiming for when we Andy built the table.
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