Week 19: Dinner Calendar

"What are we having for dinner?" is a constant question in our household. In January, we decided to switch off nights (I am lucky enough to have a husband that enjoys cooking!) for dinner. Our system worked well then spring vacations happened and it was hard getting back into the swing of things. I saw some really cute dinner calendars online, which are adorable and cute. But, I wasn't sure if we were going to stick with the whole idea of writing our meals down each month. I wanted a simpler calendar to start on this new organizing adventure.

When I was at Target recently they had calendar wall decals on clearance. So I picked one up and I think that the purple goes quite well as an accent color. Remember: This is a trial. I also grabbed some poster board. (That was Step 1). Step 2: Unroll the decal and peel the paper backing off. Step 3: Smooth out any air bubbles with a Baby Symphony CD0, this is will only work with a Baby Symphony CD... just kidding. Step 4 (not pictured): Cut off excess poster board. That is it so simple. The decal even came with a dry eraser marker for my convince.  

I put our calendar on a picture frame easel that I had from something else, I am not even sure why I had it. I wrote on the top who was cooking each day and what we had going one that would keep up from eating at home. It is working fine but the best part is that it is a guide and I don't have to follow it to a T. Flexibility is the key in our house.

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