Garage Sale Season

We are in the thick of garage sale season and last weekend we made it out for our first shopping trip. We stopped for breakfast and coffee (Max and I needed our strength) and headed around the neighborhoods. What I love best is how much Max digs the garage sales and picks up my lingo. If I drive by one and don't stop Max will say, "That's not a good one." Which I do agree with seeing as how I just kept on driving. Last Saturday Max was on the hunt for anything Play-Doh, he remembered buying something Play-Doh last year at a blue house and was hoping to find more at the same house. Sorry buddy I have no idea what house you are talking about. So we looked high and low for Play-Doh and one house did have it but the young owner was not willing to part ways with his Play-Doh at this time and we didn't get the sale. But Max was happy with his bucket and sandbox shovel for a total of 20 cents! He is excited to look some more this weekend, if we can fit it in.

But everything here we got for $19.00!!! Stop cleaning your glasses that is not a typing mistake it was all $19.00 including 3T pants, Janet Evanovich book, white ceramic pot and stand, two circular planters, two glass jars with cork lid, Home Alone movie (on VHS), blue lamp, carpet sample, bunny bowl, bucket and shovel for sand box, purple vase, beaker, and the wooden toy chest. Not bad for our first sale out of the gate!

P.S. I do have an adorable picture of Max standing behind all of the treasures but, um, hm, he is not wearing pants so I will not be posting it on the World Wide Web. *Note* Make sure Max wears pants!

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