Week 16: Home for Dress Up Clothes

These are our dress up clothes. But as I look at the picture I am realizing that not all the clothes are hanging up, I wonder where they were for this picture? I digress. We have a good amount of dress up clothes and for a long time we had them stored on the floor in a pile or in a blue storage box. It made me crazy! So we had some wood we had gotten for another project in the $.51 bin at Home Depot that we ended up not using. And wouldn't you know that it already had some holes drilled into it! And I already had wood glue, wooden rods, and spray paint! So this project didn't cost me any trips to the store. Just about 20 minutes total in time!

The wooden piece just after I drilled the holes a bit larger to fit the wooden rods.

The wooden rods drying with the wood glue.

A close up of the wooden piece finished and spray painted white.

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