Week 12: New Kitchen Table

We bought this solid wood circle table and six chairs last summer at a garage sale. The purpose of the purchase was for the chairs to go with our dining room table after we sprayed them black and the table we would resell on Craigslist. Well Andy and our neighbor talked me into putting the table in our kitchen and removing the tall four person square table we had in there. Well the way the "new" table was placed in the kitchen the chairs we always sticking out. So we generally tried to have only two chairs at the table but with my daycare kids that made it extremely annoying to constantly moving chairs over to the table and back and here and there and this way and that way... see how annoying?

So, I was thinking that we could build a table and put in a bench with a lid that lifted that would also be storage. Andy thought that he could build a table that was narrow enough to keep the walk way to the back door as free as possible and he was thinking that a bench was good too but if we could push the table over the bench when it is not being used that would help with the walking area even more. So we let the storage idea go and used some wood and brackets that we already had for the bench. The whole thing, table and bench, was just under $50!!!

I found two chairs at Goodwill for $4.99/each and want to recover them in an oil cloth, I just have to find a cute one to use, and they will go opposite the bench and push in completely under the table. (We had to use chairs too so that the booster seats would be safe and secure, which wouldn't happen on the bench.) I am pretty proud of my little carpenter, he is really getting the hang of this building thing!


Rachael said...

Great idea - love this!!!!!

Joy said...

Move back to Colorado and maybe Andy will build you one too!