Week 6: Bed Frame Bench

"I bought a bed," I told Andy back in October after a very successful day of thrifting. His face looked a bit confused as I started to explain why I bought a bed... for $15.00! I had a vision, thanks to My RePurposed Life, of a bed frame bench. I showed him a picture and he was on board. But then the bed frame sat in the garage, then it sat in the basement, then we had a baby, and finally in week 6 of 2011 we got to work.

Andy did the building part and that is why there are no pictures but to make up for it... here is an adorable 3 yr old excited for the new bench that will host several timeouts during the next few years! The basics are: there is a bottom board for storage underneath and the seat is three pieces of wood attached with these hinges.
After it was put together the painting began. We wanted to use an oil base paint and we decided on black instead of brown. We thought that we had use a glossy black on the hutch so that is what we went with for the bed bench. After we got it on then we realized that the hutch was not glossy but matte. So the bench is a bit shinny but I think it still looks good.

The day that Andy went skiing I also painted the cut outs on the bed frame the same color as the wall color. In the picture and in person it looks white. I am not sure if we are going to keep the outline or go over with black. I am still debating.

But this is where she will be right at the front door. Shoes can be stored underneath the bench and purses, diaper bags, and blankets can be in the storage section. It is really handy I love sitting on it while I wait for that cute little 3 year old to get his shoes or jacket on because, "I can do it."
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