Why This Started

Last week I was sitting on the couch, feeding my newborn, looking around my main floor and admiring the cutains I had just made and the plastic box I covered with fabric and decide right then that I was going to do a project a week. My goal? Each project would bring function and/or beauty to my house and at the end of the year hopefully, it will finally feel like our home. The rules are pretty simple: 52 projects in 2011, I can do two in one week if we will be away or have a big project coming up. There is no price minimum or maximum. Holiday decoration projects do not count.

I do have a general contractor aka my husband. And when he is not playing with our 3 year old or training for a marathon you can find him rearranging parts of our house or happily playing with power tools.

So we are already three weeks into January and happily I have completed three projects. Curtains in our front room, covering a plastic box that I fill with laundry (with kitchen towels, bibs, 3 yr olds clothes that get flung around) on our main floor, and a window treatment in our kitchen. General Contractor also hung our Emeril pot/pan rack that has been sitting in our basement since we moved in this house three years ago, I even tried to sell it on craigslist two years ago. It looks great but I wanted to save it for a busy week when I needed a project. So we have given ourselves a bonus!

Stay tuned for our year long transformation.

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