Week 3: Kitchen Window

Our little big kitchen window has been a bare mess for about three years. We left the previous owners valance up for about three months after moving in but that was long enough for me. I needed it out and would rather have it bare than the valance they had. We didn't do anything for a while because we didn't know what to do. When I was at the fabric sale on New Years Day I found 3yds of a jersey like fabric in a cream color. It was $3.97/yd and 30% off of that price!!! Can't beat that.
We got a 96" 2x2 at Home Depot for $1.97 and I first hung that on the wall with screws, no need to cut the wood it was the right length. Then I stapled the fabric to the wood... This is easy, sleazy people! I didn't even have to cut the fabric it was also a good amount for the project. I stapled the fabric at each end and then in the middle. That left a enough on the two sides to gather the fabric when I stapled it. After the fabric was attached I used safety pins to gather in four sections. I played with the gathering for a while and after it was where I wanted it I used a needle and thread, in the same color, to reinforce the gathering, and be able to take out the safety pins. When Andy got home he took out the wood and rotated it so that the fabric with the staples was not at the top of the wood.
The pot and pan rack we have had since we got married and it hung beautifully at our old house in our tiny kitchen. When we moved to this house for some reason I didn't think it would go any where. Andy tried to convince me otherwise but I thought that it would be too high above this window because of the vault ceilings. But in a moment of clarity, I remembered that Emeril was nice enough to include additional chain links to lower his rack when it was hung. I mentioned this to Andy and within minutes the rack was out of the crawl space and he was drilling holes. I think it looks pretty good!
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